Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've to write in english sometimes... Mikaal was born on September 22nd at 3:10. He was 3,565kg! They took him right away to get all kinds of tests done. I didn't even get to hold him until he was 1/2 weeks old! He had a heart surgery on September 25th and it went well. After the surgery it's been a authentic rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. He was at home for 1 month and 1 week since he was born. We are very grateful for that month, it was the best month ever! He's such a good baby and really light up the house with is beautiful smile. We have to take him to the hospital everytime because his heart gets worst very fast and the doctors can't find any reason for that to happen. Christmas was a very bad day for us and I can't forget when doctors said to us he won't survive, it was really hard for us but my husband always believed everything will be ok. After one week he was at home but only for 7 days and we rushed back to the hospital. He got intubated in the same day (January 7th), it was very hard to see him with that tube again and seeing all the machines around him once more. It was another huge step backwards. He got extubated (breathing tube out) on January 22nd the day he became 4 months old. He was doing well without the ventilator but his lungs got worst so he needed to be intubated again last saturday(January 30th). This time was even harder because he started to smile like before and now he has the ventilator again. My miracle boy amazes me everyday, the doctors even say he's very strong and wants to survive. So many miracles happen everytime. And when I feel my hope is gone ALLAH Gives us another miracle. P.S. I have just been insanely busy these last 4 months, that's why I could not give any news to all of my friends but now I felt the need to tell his story for all of you who are praying for him since his born. In this website you can find a few pictures of our miracle baby! It's one picture after the surgery where he has the ventilator, the others are just the best moments.

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