Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The word MIRACLE means so much more

When we think his condition can't get worst it does. Mikaal had a bad night last night. His blood pressure dropped and his saturations were down to 55. The doctor change to the high frequency ventilator and put another machine that gives him nitric oxide trough the ventilator and he became worst. They waited two hours and then the doctor ask my husband to call me because was no more hope for Mikaal and this was it. My husband never give up and he said is no need to call me because Mikaal will recover. The doctor change him to the convencional ventilator because was nothingelse to do and his saturations went to 90's, the doctor could not believe it. He ask my husband what's happening... and I know Mikaal's father said to his heart: ALLAH Is so much bigger and better than any doctor. After several hours of this rollercoster, he finally recovered. They believe it was pulmonary hypertension and his lungs are bleeding inside. His heart also got a bit worst. Please send out your thoughts and prayers that he'll recover fast and come home soon.

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Mikaal's story by Everylifehasastory Thanks Malory

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