Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heaven was needing a hero

 This song makes me think of my baby hero! He was an amazing fighter. I should just be proud of my little angel!
I miss him so much, he was my everything. Without him I feel lost, incomplete, hopeless even faithless.... I don't understand why GOD takes a baby so soon. I know HE was the one who gave me Mikaal but what was the point to give and take away. I still didn't get to a point that I can accept what happen. Sometimes my heart is full of anger. It's hard to admit but I'm jealous of the mums who have healthy babies. I'm angry because I know so many parents don't want the babies and they have healthy babies and me who wanted my baby so badly I lost him so soon.
Why??? This is not fair, is it?? Maybe I was not good enough I don't know... I don't understand...

"When I try to make it make sense in my mind the only conclusion I come to is that Heaven was needing a hero like you"

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